Pro Caliber Fat Loss Agent

Pharmashred is a Pro Caliber Fat Loss Agent that uses clinically studied ingredients to help you lose fat, increase energy, control appetite, improve focus and concentration, and enhance muscle hardness and definition.

First, Pharmashred uses a precise combination of powerful fat-burning compounds that quickly raise the body's norepinephrine levels. This leads to a significant rise in core body temperature, which quickly increases the oxidation (burn) of fat and boosts energy levels.

Second, powered by a precise blend of neuro-stimulating ingredients combined with mental acuity and focus amplifiers, Pharmashred helps to cement the mind-muscle connection to keep you pushing through hard workouts and a strict diet plan.

Finally, with a potent blend of muscle defining ingredients, Pharmashred enhances sodium-potassium pump activity to preserve intramuscular water while shedding excess water under the skin. Eliminating this water dramatically improves muscle definition and hardness without the lethargy or cramping associated with over-the-counter diuretics.


The Thermogenic Calorie & Appetite Control Matrix in Pharmashred targets cellular energy production and norepinephrine release, one of the body┬┤s most critical fat-breakdown hormones. The increase in norepinephrine causes your metabolic rate to rise and the number of calories that you burn from fat. This active dose also works to help you control your appetite, which is critical for sticking to a healthy diet and reaching your fat loss goals. In fact, clinical research proves that test subjects taking the primary ingredient in Pharmashred dramatically increased norepinephrine levels and lost significantly more fat compared to the placebo group.


Losing stubborn fat is just one of three benefits you'll experience with new Pharmashred. Getting shredded for extreme muscle definition is the second. The Rapid Results Amplifier blend in Pharmashred will help sculpt muscles you never thought you had and quickly expose the perfect muscle shape and definition you need to display the new you. The three medicinal ingredients in the Rapid Results Amplifier blend were selectively chosen not just for their individual ability to reduce subcutaneous water retention, but also for their synergistic effects when combined. Because of this synergistic formula you will begin to see results in as little as 1 week.


Sticking to a healthy diet and consistent workout program can be a mentally draining process. That's why Pharmashred includes mental acuity amplifiers to help you stay focused at all times. The Focus Matrix works to enhance neurological brain activity for better mental focus and improve the mind-muscle connection during workouts. Basically, Pharmashred helps you eliminate the "bad days" in your fat loss program so you can get in game day shape faster!




120 Capsules


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