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Sep 19, 2023

Resistance Bands vs. Weights: Why Using Both Leads to a More Effective Workout

When you get into lifting, you usually start in one of these two camps: resistance bands or weights. While it’s fun to have an opinion of one over the other, we believe both have their place in your strength training routine. Merging a dumbbell workout with a resistance band workout is ideal for correcting imbalances, developing strength throughout the body, and giving you the best overall gym experience.

Aug 30, 2023

The Ultimate Workout Guide to Staying Fit on the Go

Maintaining an effective workout routine can be challenging when you're constantly on the go. Whether you're enjoying a summer vacation or on a work trip, we’ll show you how to develop a workout plan for any travel, how to work out anytime, and a full-body workout you can do when getting to the gym feels impossible on the road. 

Aug 15, 2023

What's the Best Workout Split?

How you train is based on your goals. If you’re looking for the best adaptation possible, you’ll want to separate the muscle groups you train to different days while allowing plenty of recovery days. But which split yields the greatest muscle growth and promotes optimal recovery? PVL has the answer whether a 5-day split or a full body workout is better and where cardio fits into this weightlifting puzzle.

Aug 3, 2023

How Many Times a Week Should You Go to the Gym to Maximize Gains?

During your fitness journey, it’s crucial to consider various training factors. One significant aspect is how often you visit the gym and the optimal workout time. The timing and frequency are vital in establishing an effective and sustainable training routine.

Jun 29, 2023

The 5 Best Beginner CrossFit Workouts

It can be daunting just starting as a beginner with CrossFit workouts. CrossFit requires fierce strength and enduranc...

Oct 7, 2021

You: Powerful Beyond Measure

By Coach Gaetan Boutin, B,Sc Kine, CSCS, CCP I want to remind you right now that you are powerful beyond measure! Si...

Aug 26, 2021

How To Speed Up Recovery And Dominate Your Opponent

As an athlete, improving performance is a top priority, and one of the biggest ways to enhance strength and boos...

Aug 12, 2021

Stop Dieting and Exercising

You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone a bit crazy saying this but... STOP FRIGGIN’ DIETING AND EXERCISING...

Jul 15, 2021

Engineering The Perfect Athlete

By Coach Gaetan Boutin, B,Sc Kine, CSCS, CCP A 6 Factor Approach To Turn Talent Into Greatness It all start...

Jul 1, 2021

The Great Eight – Fast Track Your Results

Back when weight training first became popular many decades ago, most lifters would do full body routines on no...

Jan 19, 2021

Recovery Rules All

By Gaetan Boutin (Strong Athlete) THERE’S NO OVER-TRAINING, JUST UNDER RECOVERY Performing at the hig...

Aug 13, 2020

Secrets of World-Class Coaches and Trainers

By Coach Gaetan Boutin, B.Sc. Kine, CSCS, CCP As a performance coach, I have had the privilege of working with wor...
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